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It is unwise to interact with smart contracts whose code is unknown. While some smart contracts have their source code verified and publicly available, this is not the case for all contracts you may want to interact with.

The Dedaub Decompiler reconstructs a human-readable representation of the contract's original code, derived from the on-chain bytecode (the compiled version of Solidity code).


Navigate to the Decompiler from the navigation bar


Once there, you have the option to either input the address of the contract of interest, along with the corresponding network it is deployed to...

Address Input

... or, directly input the bytecode of the contract.

Bytecode Input

One way to find the bytecode of a contract would be by scrolling to the “Deployed Bytecode” section of the Contract tab on Etherscan

Etherscan Bytecode


The decompilation process typically takes from 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on current load and contract complexity. Upon completion, you will be presented with various levels of reconstructed code, with the "Decompiled" version being the closest approximation to the original source.

Decompiled Code

Alongside it, you will find any warnings our static analysis has flagged for that contract, as soon as the analysis also completes.