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Dedaub Security Suite

The Dedaub Security Suite offers a variety of tools, but the main ones for securing a protocol are:

  • Advanced contract search: query for contracts using several analysis or current state criteria:

    • have been flagged by targeted analysis algorithms;
    • are found to have unusual code patterns, based on a learning/statistical analysis;
    • have been marked by inspectors;
    • have significant approvals/balances;
    • have access privileges for other functionality;
    • have recent transactions; and more...

    You can read more in the Watchdog whitepaper.

  • Transaction Monitoring: create monitoring bots via simple SQL queries, empowered by the Dedaub database and query primitives:

    • find matching transactions based on arguments or functions called;
    • examine contracts of a given protocol or any other static filter from the Security Suite database;
    • materialize query results for later reference;
    • schedule queries for periodic execution;
    • attach alerts to queries; and more ...

The Watchdog step-by-step tutorial introduces the functionality in video form.